Editorial Calendar

Issue Focus Closing Date
January – February TBD January 24, 2018
March – April TBD March 11, 2018
May – June TBD May 8, 2018
July – August TBD July 2, 2018
September – October TBD August 25, 2018
November – December TBD October 22, 2018

Inside Upper90 Magazine

ll content is geared towards increasing the soccer knowledge and level of play throughout the state of Alabama. From promoting events, spotlighting talent and educating the readership, the betterment of the sport is the sole focus of Upper90 Magazine.

State Association Update

  • Executive Update
  • Olympic Development Program (ODP)
  • Elite Player Development (EPD)
  • Licensing Calendar for Coaches


  • iSTAMP – Individual Soccer Training Activities Make Professionals
  • Coaches Corner – Player Growth, Nutrition, Psycology, Practice Plans
  • Collegiate Corner – College soccer news and scholarship information
  • Fitness and Sports Medicine – Guidance and advice on player health
  • Rules and Regulations – Explaining rules and the latest regulations
  • Soccer News – Quick reads on soccer around the globe
  • Product Showcase – Exciting products to improve your game


  • Based on Editorial Focus for the Current Issue


  • Competitive – Highlights from leage and tournament play for Region3, ECNL, DI and DII teams around the state
  • Recreational – Highlights from leage and tournament play around the state
  • Adult and Intermural – Updates and opportunities


  • National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL)
  • Major League Soccer (MLS)
  • US National Soccer Team – Men’s and Women’s teams updates


Each issue we will spotlight the following:

  • Clubs – Select clubs from around the state. Minimum of 4 clubs.
  • Teams – Two teams from each selected club per issue. Minimum of 8 teams.
  • Players – Two players from each selected team per issue. Minimum of 8 players.

Additional Sections

  • Calendar of Events – Camps, Clinics, Tournaments
  • Personal Trainer Index – Broken down by region